Samstag, 20. März 2010


I haven't been this impressed of a street style picture in a very, very long time.

Taylor Tomasi Hill, Style & Accessories Director of US Marie Claire, is making something impossible possible:
1. Making drop crotch pants look unbelievable good
2. Wearing TWO pants at a time.

Talk about layering.
A normal person would probably look like a plump sausage dog while Taylor Tomasi is looking nothing but plainly breathtaking.

.alltheprettybirds ; streetpeeper.

Sonntag, 7. März 2010


If I'd have money, this would be the first thing I'd buy me. I can't even believe how gorgeous they are.
They are from Rodarte Spring 2010 by the way, a collaborator with Nicholas Kirkwood.


Donnerstag, 4. März 2010


I'm so in love with these two at the moment ♥